What is BYOD? (Bring Your Own Device)                                                                            

BYOD is a strategy whereby students will be able to bring a familiar personal device to school to use as their primary technological device. The school can provide the ability to connect compatible devices to a filtered internet service.

The BYOD Program at Crookwell High School will allow students to:

  • bring an electronic device, that is owned by the student, to school
  • use their device at school for the purpose of learning
  • access the NSW Department of Education and Communities' wireless network.

What will be provided by the school?

  • The school will provide access to a filtered Wi-Fi internet service. No other support, software or service will be provided by the school. Advice on the type of device can be provided by the school's Technical staff.
  • Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps and the Adobe Suite are available as free downloads through the Student Portal.

What is the DEC's requirement for wireless connectivity for BYOD?

  • The Department's Wi-Fi (wireless) network installed in high schools operates on the 802.11n 5Ghz standard. Devices that do not support this standard will not be able to connect.
  • In NSW DEC schools, the wireless connectivity will be through individual user portal passwords.

What are the costs for accessing the Department's wireless network?

  • Internet access, through the Department's network, will be provided at no cost to all students enrolled in NSW Public Schools.
  • Student devices are only permitted to connect to the Department's Wi-Fi network while at school.

Are students protected when using the internet at school?

  • Students are protected when using their laptop at school by filters that block inappropriate internet material, in the same way that access is managed at present.

Things to consider when purchasing a device.

•   Purchase a less expensive device for a student in Year 7 or 8  - these can be passed onto younger
    siblings once the course of study is known for the older child going into Years 9-12.
•   Security – make sure the device is password protected and known only to you and your child. Never
    share passwords.
•   Make sure there is an up-to-date security system on the device that will automatically update the
•   It is the student's responsibility to charge their device each night – charging devices should not be
    brought to school.