Having a good bibliography at the end of your assignment proves two things.

1. You have not plagiarised the information because you are acknowledging its source.

2. You have read widely which shows your assignment is informed and not basic.


In the library we have bibliography sheets you can use and fill it out as you go.  These will help you keep track of all the resources you looked at. They also help you learn what has to go in a bibliography and in what order. (Bibliography sheets are located in front of Mrs Galland's window).

Another way of making a bibliography is having a word doc open while you are searching the net. You can cut and past the address of each website and drop them onto this page. Make sure you also add - the date you accesssed the information and the author of the website.


See this website for information on compiling a bibliography.

Easy bib


If you need help with making a bibliography please ask Mrs McCormack for advice.