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Who was Georges Lemaitre?


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Universe Epic Zoom Out [AMNH + Hans Zimmer Remix]


To be placed here by Mrs McCormack - 2 ppts. Currently located in Student Share File, Year 9 Science, the Universe. NB. There is a worksheet that goes with the ppt "Its Cosmic".

ACTIVITY: Size and distance in space

How big is the universe?? How can we understand how big it is?? Use this tool to help gain an understanding of how big the universe is....


The wonders of the universe (This is through the Department's TALE website, you may have to log in through your portal and then try and open it)


Task 2: View this Video:

Task 3:  Read the module's instructions on exponential notation and then have a go yourself at the tasks. Follow this link to the module.

Task 4: Discuss in a small group why astronomers would need to use exponential notation when referring to distances in space.

Task 5: In astronomy, distances are related to time.      What astronomers see, actually happened in the past , because the distances are so great it takes so long for the light created by an event in space to reach us.     Discuss this as a small group.   

Task 6: The size of celestial objects are also great. Discuss how big you think some celestial objects could be in comparison to the earth. As a group, discuss your thoughts on how your understanding of the size and distance in space has developed while studying this unit. Write your thoughts in a paragraph beginning with the sentence..."I knew the universe was big, but I didn't know how big! Now I understand that......."

Task 7 : This is an activity to compare the sizes of objects in the universe.

DON'T bother trying to listen to the podcasts because they just repeat the text that is written and they are slow to get going.

Task 8: This activity asks you to follow the links at the bottom of the page to explore the universe. Make bullet point summaries in your book on each slide. Explore our Place in Space.

Useful links: The scale of the universe


Year 9 Science Assignment (docx 76 KB)

Below are a selection of links to help you. 

Use the links at the top of this website as well.

DON'T forget about using a book or two from the Library, there are a large number of them available.

Edwin Hubble -brief Go to page 126 of this PDF
Origin and destiny of the.. Go to Page 9 of this PDF
Origin of the universe Who was Hubble?
Georges Lemaitre Mini movie on telescopes


Journal articles:

Science web journal

Data bases - Are you a member of the Crookwell Library? If so, you can use their online resources to search databases. STLC Library

You will need your borrower number to gain access to some of these resources.

Please see Mrs McCormack if you need assistance learning how to search databases :0