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If you convince yourself you can't - you won't.

If you convince yourself you can - you will. (Henry Ford).

The best way to motivate is to visualise yourself and the feeling you will have when you achieve your goal.

 "If I can see it in my mind I will hold it in my hand".

Imagine yourself on the day you receive your year 12 results. How do you want to feel on that day?  Proud of your self? Knowing that sacrifices you made over Year 11 and 12 have been worth it?

The HSC is an important time in a person's life regardless of whether you are a brilliant student or not. During this time you are becoming an adult and the habits you are developing will stay with you for some time, maybe even forever.

 In adulthood what are the values that are most admired?

Reliability, honesty, hardworking.

When you become an adult, you regularly face challenges you would rather just ignore - at work, at home and socially but you just have to get on with it and face them. It is the same as doing your HSC - a challenge that has to be done. So just get on with it!

If you can say that during your HSC you were reliable, honest and hardworking.... then you will have succeeded.

I challenge you to imagine yourself at the end of year 12 and how you want to feel. I then challenge you to do everything you can in Year 11 and 12 to make sure you have a great feeling on that day.

Mrs McCormack

Teacher Librarian.

Crookwell High School.